Growing purple cauliflower in pots 

Cauliflower is a common member of cole crops. As it is being commercialized by progressive farmers similarly it is feasible for growing at home. There are many different varieties of cauliflower like yellow, red, purple head formation. So whatever the type is, their growing recipe is the same. So in this article you will be … Read more

Lavender Plant Growing tips

lavender plant growing tips

Lavender plant is a shrub and recognized very well by the gardeners for its lovely smell and purple colored flowers. The Lavender plant has 60 different other species with multi-different colors of flowers.  In this article, you’ll be able to learn about lavender planting guides and its care. Here you’ll be able to know why … Read more

25 Australian trees for small gardens

Australian trees for small gardens

Choosing the best plants for decorating your small balcony areas or home backyard with small heighted plants plays a crucial part while decorating it as a small garden. In this article, you’ll be able to know what experts are saying about small gardens, I mean what’s the definition and what are those low heighted trees … Read more

Zone 10a Planting guide

Gardening in zone 10 can be a challenge depending on where you live in using indigenous plants can alleviate a lot of the stress of finding the perfect plant. For that hot full sun-spot or shady corner indigenous plants are also water conservative pest resistant and wildlife-friendly. Zone 10 is between from the California coast … Read more

14 Most wanted North-Facing Window Plants 

north facing window plants

House plants are commonly used by people, especially those living in urban areas. House plants are actually those plants that need less amount of light as well as other requirements. They are slower in growth like palm or other vegetative or foliage beauty plants. These are adjustable, in corners similarly divided into two plants category … Read more

How to grow plum seed at home: everything you need to know

plum seed

Growing plum seed is not an easy task at home but professional growers can do it. But, don’t you need to worry, it doesn’t mean that you can’t grow plum at home. The hardest part of growing plum through seed is that this fruit comes under the minor fruit category as well as it has … Read more

As a gardener, you should know what is soil vs dirt

soil vs dirt

What is soil Soil is a medium for plants that provide a root penetration environment as well as incorporation for water and nutrients in the plant root zone area. What is dirt Dirt is a piece of land or soil that is not used by plants but contains some essential elements. It is literally a … Read more

Everything about Growing celery in containers at home

Growing celery in containers at home is not uncommon. It is well-said that growing celery in containers at home is more flavorful than the typical celery from the store or market. Celery loves to grow slowly and steadily within almost 4 months under a cool environment. It is advisable for you to grow in late … Read more