Rose farming in Pakistan: A case study

Rose is a beautiful flower that leads your eyes toward the attraction. As a consumer and as progressive growers, we all found rose flowers to be a good choice. Rosa Indica is a wild rose species that is very common in the subcontinent, especially in India and Pakistan.  People use the rose flower itself for … Read more

Ginger Farming in Pakistan: A Lucrative Venture

ginger farming in pakistan

Introduction Ginger is a typical vegetable used in daily cooking and is also regarded as a distinctive flavor-enhancing spice. Ginger farming is good for indoor and outdoor as well. In addition to giving food flavor, ginger also provides medical benefits. One of the typical instances of medicinal use is ginger tea.  The most expensive vegetable … Read more

Top 5 Pakistani mangoes in the world

Pakistan, renowned as the land of the pure, produces and is famous for its luscious and delectable mangoes. The country’s favorable climate and fertile soil are ideal for cultivating various mango varieties.  Pakistan has emerged as one of the leading exporters of mangoes, delighting taste buds worldwide with its top-quality produce. There are five most … Read more

What are the benefits and side effects of lemon?

health benefits of lemon

Lemons have long been cherished for their tangy flavor and refreshing aroma. There are numerous health benefits of lemon. These small, citrus fruits are kitchen staples and offer numerous health benefits to human beings.  From their impressive nutrient profile to their potential disease-fighting properties, lemons are truly a remarkable fruit that deserves recognition. In this … Read more

Rose Farming: A Comprehensive Guide

Rose farming is a lucrative and popular business that has been gaining traction among farmers and gardening enthusiasts alike. Roses are a symbol of love and beauty, and the demand for fresh roses is on the rise.  From the literature, roses have 300+ species worldwide. Among all of them, one of the wild species “Rosa … Read more

High-Density Lemon Farming Complete Information

Lemon is a renowned member of citrus fruits and it is extensively cultivated in Pakistan. It has a unique shape, size, color, and taste. Lemon is a yellow-colored fruit with a beautiful odor. Lemon loves to grow in subtropical nature. As you might notice, Kinnow is the sweetest fruit among citrus and loves the winter … Read more

5 Best Home Garden Vegetables to Grow in Winter

There are several winter veggies that you can raise to complement your own home garden. So, if you enjoy growing (and eating) your vegetables, there’s no reason to put them on hold throughout the winter. Some of the best winter vegetables are not only delicious but also visually appealing. Consider ruby-hued chard and structural leeks … Read more