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As a gardener, you should know what is soil vs dirt

soil vs dirt

What is soil

Soil is a medium for plants that provide a root penetration environment as well as incorporation for water and nutrients in the plant root zone area.

What is dirt

Dirt is a piece of land or soil that is not used by plants but contains some essential elements. It is literally a part of soil but needs some amendments.

What is dirt made of chemically?

Dirt consists of nutrients or essential elements. Most of the time, micronutrients are present in it. This is the process of soil erosion and moves in different areas so seem to be less available for plants. This is made up of many complex matters where it becomes unavailable to the plant.

Garden soil vs dirt

Dirt is made up of rock and larger soil splittings and divided into larger as well as smaller pieces. Rock splitting occurs due to erosion by wind and water. This phenomenon seems very close to soil erosion where the soil is split into weaker particles. Dirt is a combination of different sizes of particles. In the dirt, some particles are too large as a gravel size whereas some of them are tiny. One of the important things in the dirt is that it comprises multiple minerals which are actually, the essential elements required by plants.

Soil is generally a portion of a garden that is incorporated by the garden itself. Unlike the dirt, the soil is a little moist and darker in color and it comprises four major portions which are the followings,

  • Minerals in all types of soils (clay, silt and sand).
  • Water which helps for nutrient uptake through the root zone area and maintain the turgidity level for the plant.
  • Air which is usually needed for maintaining the temperature in the soil and providing oxygen for roots.
  • Organic matter which helps in productivity of soil by degrading and decomposition of soil complex compound particles into smaller particles. The decomposition provides nutrients to the soil.

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The piece of land which we call “Soil” is made after a slow and steady process of plants, animals and rocks decaying. This decaying process takes hundreds of years to turn into soil. Now, it is not necessary to tell you that the decaying process turns the rocks, dead plants, and animals into organic matter and soil into a productive state, but according to the upper highlight, you may mention what actually the relations between soil, dirt, and earth.

Well, this is a transition state where those things which were once alive several hundred years ago on this earth, become the decaying matter and turn into soil and become the upper part of the soil. Earth comprises three layers, upper, middle, and lower. The upper layer where we live and grow crops is soil. If this part of the soil is not used for growing purposes then it becomes barren land and less useful for plants due to lack of several activities inside it.

How to turn dirt into soil

Dirt is a piece of land that actually is not being used for growing purposes that’s why that piece of land’s nutrients either leach down below the root zone if the soil is sandy or may combine and become complex compounds if the soil is clay.   

This piece of land can be said a stubborn land where it needs little amendments and time to recover itself for growing purposes. This phenomenon is very close to where barren land is amended to make it for growing purposes.

So, what needs to be done for such a kind of land. These lands are clayey or sandy mostly which does not absorb or retain moisture fastly. Such land needs to break down into smaller pieces. If the land area is bigger then plow the soil to pulverize it and then add well-rotted farmyard manure to it.

In the case of a smaller area, the land is pulverized with the help of spade and then local farmyard manure is added. Mix the compost with soil and then irrigate it.

After a few days or within a week, weeds will grow from compost and will give the dirt or barren land a new life then remove or cut the greens as a green mulch. Now it’s time to do something ……!