Lavender Plant Growing tips

Lavender plant is a shrub and recognized very well by the gardeners for its lovely smell and purple colored flowers. The Lavender plant has 60 different other species with multi-different colors of flowers. 

In this article, you’ll be able to learn about lavender planting guides and its care. Here you’ll be able to know why the lavender plant is most useful in your bedrooms. There are following outlines,

  • Planting guide
  • Its indoor benefits
  • Care indoor
  • FAQ’S

Lavender planting guide

Lavender planting is not difficult, just you need to know that there are following growing tips. The first one is planting and placement which means to buy lavender plants from the nursery and planting them at the right time, which is the spring season and a lavender plant needs more than ten hours of light. For placement, it is adjustable where you want in the pots, containers, raised bed, etc.

Soil needs for lavender plants range widely from the clay loam to sandy loam soil. It will be better if organic matter is added to it. The next one is a climate, the climate required for lavender is cold. Lavender plants are useful for growing zones 10a and 10b. The next one is the mulch, which actually needs to reserve water to overcome the irrigation interval and frequency.

Last one is pruning, which actually needs preliminarily twice in a year. First one is needed when new growth emerges to maintain the shape and growth whereas the second one is done during the summer to cut it for dormancy.

Lavender plant indoor benefits

Lavender plants have many benefits, there are following,

  • Smell of lavender is good for relaxation.
  • Lavender plants were used in ancient times to freshen up and scented lightly personal items like clothes, hairs, etc.
  • Lavender plants are associated with calmness, serenity and purity in the bedroom.
  • Lavender plant’s scent is so good for making you sleep. Its smell is good for mental therapy because it has been proven that it lowers the heart beats, blood pressure and stress. That’s Why it is good in your bedroom.
  • It is shown by a study conducted by Miami Miller School of Medicine that lavender scent is useful for babies sleeping and reduces the stress in mothers as well. 
  • Lavender plants can be used as a decoration plant as well indoor.

Lavender plant care indoor

  • If you’re using the pot then it should be 30-40 cm in diameter made up of ceramics or terracotta. So, it could drain water easily otherwise use sand gravels at the lower levels in case of plastic pots.
  • Lavender plants need water but carefully with sufficient amounts. Once in two weeks during the cold months whereas once in a week in warmer months, that’s it.
  • Make sure to put your plant but not in direct sunlight especially during summer and you can put it near a south facing window to meet the six hours sunlight per day.
  • Pruning a lavender is important and should be done twice in a year. For more detail scroll down in the question answer section.


How to care for lavender plants in pots?

First you pot should be 30 plus diameter in size and second it should have the good capacity to drain extra moisture from the body. Third thing is that it will be better to put your lavender plant in partial shade to avoid sunburn. Fourth one is that the lavender plant has a very pleasant smell so it should be near to you. You got my point.

How to prune lavender?

Pruning of lavender means a lot due to some facts. Pruning a lavender plant is mandatory twice in a year. The first one is at the beginning of spring season to stimulate the growth whereas the second one is done after summer flowering to remove the unnecessary and dead shoots.  

How fast does lavender grow?

Lavender plant is slow growing and it takes more than 90 days to reach up to the transpiration size. Fungus could be a threat for lavender plants for its growth, so keep the soil mixed with moisture to avoid the fungal problem.