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Growing purple cauliflower in pots 

Cauliflower is a common member of cole crops. As it is being commercialized by progressive farmers similarly it is feasible for growing at home. There are many different varieties of cauliflower like yellow, red, purple head formation. So whatever the type is, their growing recipe is the same.

So in this article you will be able to know about ‘How to grow purple cauliflower in pots’, how to grow broccoli in pots, cauliflower seeds and their problems.

There are followings things to do when you want to grow purple cauliflower in pots,

Prepare the soil

Prepare the soil mixture for growing cauliflower in pots with proportions of 50 % organic compost and 50 % soil (especially sandy loam soil). Similarly, a prepared soil mixture is also available in the market whereas we recommend you to prepare the soil as mentioned above.  

Good quality seeds

Always choose the good quality seeds and spread them over the soil and then gently make a thin layer of soil to cover the seeds. Seeds will start germination within 7-8 days after sowing.

Watering the plant

Keep the plant moisture until the germination but not wet. During the germination phase, keep the soil moist. Cauliflower is a cool season crop where it needs irrigation within a 10-15 days interval. This schedule should be followed after the germination to the rest of its lifespan.

Planting time 

Cauliflower is a cool season crop and it requires 18-25 degree celsius temperature. It is recommended to sow seeds from October to November in a mild winter season.

Transplant after a month in a bigger pot

Pot measurement: 15-20 inch diameter and 10 inch depth. When cauliflower gets 3-5 inches high after germination, transplant it in another pot with the same soil mixture which was used for seedlings.

By the way, cole crops (a group of cauliflower family) are not transplanted but seeded directly but at the smaller level at home you can do it.

Make a proper distance in a bigger pot

When you’re transplanting, make 3-5 inches deep holes to fix the seedlings properly. Do not rush out the plants in one pot but only 3-5 seedlings with a proper distance to make air circulation sufficient.

Choose a proper location for them

Cauliflower is a cool season crop but it is a sun-light loving plant. That’s why choose a proper location where it meets sunlight properly. 

Prune off unnecessary leaves

When plants reach 45 plus days of its life it leaves grow vigorously and rapidly. This rapid growth cr eates competition for food and water. Therefore, remove 2-3 extra leaves from the bottom. Another important note is that cauliflower needs sunlight to grow its head properly, that’s why bigger leaves should be removed for that purpose.


Cauliflower is a heavy feeder that needs nutrients during their critical growing periods. Head formation is a critical stage which starts after 50 days. During this critical stage the plant needs proper care for water and fertilization. The common attempt to apply fertilizer is done by adding manure and compost in pots additionally. 

Be careful that during this stage any kind of stress will be devastating and head formation will be slower. That’s why add compost after every 20-24 days and keep the soil moist.

Loosen the soil 

This intercultural operation is called hoeing and mandatory. After a month with frequent irrigation, it makes its surface harder and decreases the absorption ability. That’s why hoeing after a month or when it is necessary according to the situation.

Pest and diseases

Flea-beetle and moths are insect pests which do damage to the leaves. This attack affects the photosynthesis process and hence the head formation. In that case, spray the extract of neem to overcome disease and pest issues.

Do blanching

When head formation starts it should be covered from the sunlight to avoid its color turning creamy white to yellow and darker. For that purpose, cover the leaves to avoid direct sunlight. This process is called blanching. Other varieties like purple cauliflower may not need this practice. 

Harvest after 80 plus days 

When cauliflower gets mature after 80 days of its lifespan. Consider the size of head formation as a maturity index.


How many cauliflower plants per container?

It depends upon the size of the container, but generally pots are used. A  medium sized pot with 20 inch width and 10 inch depth used generally. So, in this pot you can arrange 3-5 plants with proper distance. 

How to grow cauliflower from stem?

Well, this is not a common practice because stems are soaked in water and take more time to develop true leaves and roots than seeds. So, if you want to continue with the stem then soak them in water and wait until it starts making other plant parts then transfer them in pots as a seedling.

Can you grow cauliflower in a 5-gallon bucket?

Yes, whatever the container type you have, make some preparation beforehand for the ventilation and drainage system and you know the rest of the things.

How far apart to plant cauliflower?

See question number 1.

Can you grow cauliflower indoors?

Yes, cauliflower can be grown indoors. This blog post is all about growing cauliflower indoors.