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14 Most wanted North-Facing Window Plants 

north facing window plants

House plants are commonly used by people, especially those living in urban areas. House plants are actually those plants that need less amount of light as well as other requirements. They are slower in growth like palm or other vegetative or foliage beauty plants. These are adjustable, in corners similarly divided into two plants category “north-facing window plants” and “south-facing window plants”. In this article, you’ll be able to learn about some north-facing window plants. So, let’s get started!

Large indoor plants for north face window 

Snake plant

This is also called mother-in-law’s tongue due to its larger, compact leaves which make a resemblance with our ‘tongue’. This is a hardy plant that needs enough sunlight and people would love to put it as a north-facing window plant. It grows very slowly and even more slowly in winter. Snake plant is a vegetative or foliage beauty plant. So, take care of it very well, especially sometimes sticky mass or allergic mass seems to be noted in the bottom of it may be a spider web or fungus knots.

Chinese coin plant

This is a very cool looking foliage plant. Leaves grow in a sequence that makes the beautiful attraction in the eye. It is also called the Chinese money plant. It grows faster than a snake plant and needs repotting after a few months if you rely on small pots. There is not any special treatment requirement.

Corn plant

It is also called the dracaena plant. There are two types of plants, one is green corn plant and the second is variegated type. Variegated plants need more care than green corn plants. Their leaves are bigger and resemble a corn (maize) plant that’s why it is commonly called a corn plant in English. One thing, I should remind you that variegated plants need more sunlight and water otherwise it will dry off their leaves and will not propagate further. So, non-variegated corn plants should be used and there is nothing to worry about except its water requirements.

Prince of orange plant

It is also called a Philodendron in short in a taxonomical way. This plant is multicolored foliage which makes it more attractive to this plant. This plant needs half-day sunlight, especially to new leaves which grow in orange color and then as it matures transit to the deep green color. That is the actual story. This plant is suitable in partial shading or the area where it can take a few hours of sunlight. Water requirements should be provided according to the condition when plants are needed.

Parlor palm

This is a good looking palm. Any kind of table palms just like parlor palms are most useful to put as a houseplant where its sunlight requirements are less. It grows very slowly and if you take care then it could be your life companion as well. When it emerges from the new leaves, older leaves may die but this is a rule of replacement so don’t need to worry. This one is a good choice among north-facing window plants.

Point to ponder: one thing I forgot to mention is to keep this plant clean from mites or spider webs. The one thing that is irritating is spider webs or mites or some kind of sticky stuff on the leaves, especially on the underside of the leaves. So rinse out the leaves with hydrogen peroxide or any other rinsing agent.

English Ivy

This is another amazing plant but most of the time I used it as an outdoor plant. This is a scrambling plant and grows much faster than any other which I mentioned above. This plant loves to grow in partial sha dy areas and needs some support and then it keeps growing and growing.


This is a bigger plant than others and needs more space in the root as well. Monstera grows its leaves very rapidly just like English ivy. It is suggested to avoid repotting again and again you need to put this plant in a container where it proliferates easily.

As we know Monstera deliciosa which grows rapidly that’s why it’s maintenance is important. It is funny to know that people make different shapes as well to make their aesthetic look good. Chopping off the older leaves is good to grow for newer leaves. Its water requirements are greater than others and again this is a good choice as a north-facing window plant.

Peperomia rosso

This is another good choice if you have enough space in the window. This plant has red colored leaves which turned to green lately just like the prince of the orange plant. The colored foliage plants need plenty of water and sunlight. Sometimes, this plant shows spots on the mature green leaves which could be due to the reason of sun burning effect or nutrient deficiency. It needs more sunlight but not too much but for a few hours per day. That’s why it is like a partially shady place to live.


This is another best choice as a north-facing window plant and interesting thing is that its leaves are variegated in such a pattern that it looks like this leaf may have some deficiency. But, the pattern makes it beautiful, and again a variegated pothos needs more water and sunlight and this is a partial shade-loving plant.

Money plant 

This is a very common indoor plant and requires less care and also needs less amount of daylight. That’s why it is usually preferred by the people. This increases the aesthetic look in your room or in the office. This is a scrambling plant with a weak stem actually vine and needs support upward. At each growing point, big leaves appear in a sequence and give the water when they’re thirsty.

String of heart 

A heart shaped scrambling plant loves to grow downward and loves to grow from pot to another side. If you put them on the top of anything then they will be growing in a beautiful manner downward with small care that’s it.

Crispy wave plant

This is a foliage beauty plant and it doesn’t like direct sunlight but thrives in winter sunlight and keeps it in shade during the summer. Its foliage is good and grows profusely. It likes to get a medium amount of light and water. Its leaves resemble more just like cabbage leaves and new leaves emerge from the center. One thing that I like, which distinguishes it from other foliage beauty plants, is its folding.

Triangulus oxalis

This is another beautiful selection as a north facing window plant. This plant is beautifully colored and grows profusely and can be used as indoor as well as outdoor due to its bushy nature. This can be used as hedges outside along with other bushes. This plant grows faster and needs to be maintained. This could be adjusted at the entrance door where sunlight enters into the room as well as near the window on the second floor. It requires more sunlight but it is adjustable to meet the sunlight requirement indirectly.

Bunny ear cactus

This succulent and cacti plant is very slow in growth and drought-resistant and thrives in less water. Sunlight requirements are a little bit more. That’s why I put them where the sunlight is present for a few hours per day but make sure not to get in the way otherwise it may cause a hindrance for walking. It is adjustable and looks great and beautiful in the corners or in the containers near the wall.