Rose farming business can give you a 1-2 lakh of profit per month

If someone is willing to invest in rose farming, then this article will help you a lot. I would like to share complete necessities regarding this business. Rose farming profit per acre in Pakistan is 1-2 lakh approximately. There are a lot of varieties of rose but “Desi Gulab” or “Farmi Gulab or Surkha Gulab” scientifically named “Rosa indica” is most popular and commonly cultivated across the country. So here, I will share totally the practical knowledge with you, and I will discuss rose farming business plan in these outlines,

  1. Plan for flower business
  2. Planting of rose
  3. Feasibility report
  4. Fertilizer and irrigation
  5. Important note
  6. Intercultural operations
  7. conclusions of the article
rose farming in pakistan

Rose farming business plan

Most growers are planting the “Surkha Gulab” and selling to the market in the form of petals which is used for a different happiest occasion like when wedding season starts in Pakistan then its demand increases exponentially, similarly when there is full blooming season of spring come in the month of March then per acre more flowers in Kg and it also gives the opportunity for the investor to earn more. Rose farming in Pakistan for the local market for petals is very common. On the other hand, when there is the purpose of the grower to target not only the local market but also for export then hybrid roses are used for cut-flower business because hybrids roses have longer vase life than other wild types of rose

Planting of rose

Generally, two types of planting methods for cultivation of rose used by farmers, but buying a completely nourished plant from a nursery is a common method and for an acre generally 6000 to 7000 number of plants are cultivated. If someone has not enough budget to invest and buy the plants for an acre then cutting method is also preferable, but a complete flowering plant will be up to 2 months while in the case of those plants which brought up by nursery will start their flowering within 1 or 1.5 of the month. The average life of rose crops is 5 years approximately.

If someone preferred cutting method, then in the month of November cuttings should be buried in the wet soil for callusing for 20-25 days. After that these cuttings can be successfully planted and the plant will start flowering within 1.5 to 2 months. Propagation of rose by cutting is a cheap method.  

Feasibility report

or cost of cultivation of rose

For an acre, 12-13 rupees/plant price from the nursery and 6500-8000 plants require and 7-8 labourers will require for a plant with per day price which fluctuates around 400-500 rupees. Normally 1 lakh of expenditure is for the instalment of plants in the field with all prices including labourers and transport charges in rose cultivation.

Flowering yield fluctuates during the whole year, when there is normal season then it yields 8-10 kg per acre whereas in spring full blooming season flower yield more than 40 kg per acre. In the spring season, its price per kg fluctuates around 100-150 and 70-100 rupees for the normal season for the local market. For flower harvesting, normally three persons required with 50 rupees per hour and 300 rupees per day labor fee for picking.

Fertilizers and irrigation

Roses are feeder plant they need the nutritional requirement, especially at the time of land preparation farm yard manure (FYM) is usually recommended by experienced grower and 4-5kg FYM/plant required and NPK fertilizers should apply after three months and irrigation intervals depend upon the season in summer season after twice in week while in winter season once in week. For fertilizer DAP, Nitrophos and ammonium sulphate can be applied in mix formation with 2:1:1 ratio.

But the important thing at the start when plants need more care for water and nutrition for the first 2-month grower should apply the water twice in a week in case of cuttings used in place of the complete plant. For nutrition 1-month earlier land should be plowed thoroughly and FYM should be used until it degrades and become ready to meet the criteria at the time of transplantation.

Important note

The grower should confirm the market availability regarding area first before starting rose flower farming, the second thing is the rates for the local market. If grower make the contracts with national vendors who provide the flowers and petals to medicine companies then this business can be honest and secure rather than our local market issues

Intercultural operation

Farm roses are bushy and thorny and taller in heights so their take care should be must under consideration to avoid overlapping one plant from another. To avoid this pruning practice is important in the winter season to make their shape better and the grower can make more cuttings when pruning is done in the winter season.

Plant protection

In the early 2-3-month, the crop should be kept under great supervision to control the insect and pest. For this purpose, different pesticides and insecticides are recommended from the market. Recommended spray for insects and pests should be applied once a month. For hoeing purposes, 3 hoeings in the year should be practice as mandatory.


Flowers should be picked each day when the crop started flowering and picking should be done early in the morning.

Rose plant care tips at home

Remove weeds

Remove weeds and dry leaf from your plants for fresher and clean pot, remove all grass, if we did not remove it will cause fungus

Deheading your rose

Deheading your rose plants for more flowers. If you want more flowers then remove dry flowers and cut unwanted branches, cut with 2-3 leaves. New branches will come after pruning. Prepare cut paste for this purpose turmeric or any fungicides and then cut branch will never die.

Rose suckers

Remove rose suckers from rose plants. Actually, ingrafted rose, rose suckers grow very fastly so that always removes suckers from rose plant and your plant will never die. Because rose suckers get all food of actual plants.  


For more growth always do watering but never overwater the rose plant. If your plant is green then give water once with a regular schedule.


Never use inorganic fertilizer always use homemade fertilizer of eggshells, vermin-compost, and used tea. You can use seaweed organic fertilizers. You can apply 10-15 balls of seaweeds one time a month for best growth. You can use seaweed liquids for fast results. Used tea in a month can be applied with sundried use 2-4 spoon. This is all about rose care tips


  • First, start the business on 2 Kanal just for the sake of market availability with rates and its routine.
  • Most of the time plant is purchased from the nursery which is for those who have enough budget otherwise planting of cuttings is also preferable.
  • For the first 2-month crop needs great care for fertilizers, irrigation, and pesticides for sustainability.
  • Rose farming business is for a whole year with a 5-year average life and for the first two months it requires an investment of 1-1.5 lack
  • All the article is purely from practical knowledge.

I hope you will be able to understand the complete article and like my effort and comment below.

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