Rose farming in Pakistan: A case study

Rose is a beautiful flower that leads your eyes toward the attraction. As a consumer and as progressive growers, we all found rose flowers to be a good choice. Rosa Indica is a wild rose species that is very common in the subcontinent, especially in India and Pakistan.  People use the rose flower itself for … Read more

Rose Farming: A Comprehensive Guide

Rose farming is a lucrative and popular business that has been gaining traction among farmers and gardening enthusiasts alike. Roses are a symbol of love and beauty, and the demand for fresh roses is on the rise.  From the literature, roses have 300+ species worldwide. Among all of them, one of the wild species “Rosa … Read more

Commercial Rose Farming Business Plan

Rose is a flowering plant with perennial growth and is woody in nature. There are 300 species with thousands of cultivars of rose. The rose is long and erect, and prickles contain a long stem as a flowering plant. One of the wild species ‘Rosa indica’ is most likely a flower for the commercial rose … Read more