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How to care for my house plants

House plants, air purifying plants

House plants are very common, people using various types of miniature types of plants in their houses, apartments, offices, lawns. There is a huge variety of plant lists to choose but point is that which will be best for me for a whole season. So, house plants can be indoor or outdoor or we can say that indoor plants which need less sunlight or indirect sunlight and less water while outdoor plants are those which survive under plenty of sunlight with more water frequency. In this article, I will discuss a single important note on each necessity in following outlines,

  • What kind of plant should we choose?
  • care in summer
  • care in winter
  • Types of pots
  • Important note
  • Air purifying plants
  • Conclusions

What kind of plant should we choose?

  • African violet
  • Aluminum plant
  • Areca palm
  • Arrowhead vine (Syngonium)
  • Bamboo palm
  • Peacock plant
  • Table palm
  • Creeping fig
  • Croton
  • Dumb cane
  • Dracaena plant
  • Elephants’ ear
  • Rubber plant
  • Ficus spp.
  • Lady’s palm
  • Monkey puzzle or Norfolk-island palm
  • Pothos
  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant
  • Aloe vera
  • Bunny-ear cactus

Care in summer

All the plants above in the lists are of foliage beauty and their care is a little bit necessary for watering, fertilizers, partial shade. During the summer, put your plants in the partial shade, and be careful do not to put your plants in the window where direct sunlight is coming into window corners. Of course, in summer plants need more water than in summer because the respirational process is very fast, and the quantity and frequency of water are more important.

So, when plant want water, and at which frequency?

 Well, water should not be more nor less in amount. Look out your plant some plants are smaller in leaves which are in bunch form and some of your plants are larger leaves some have thick leaves, and some are with thin layers.

  1. So, if your plant is of thin leaves, it wants more frequency of water with an adequate amount of water while more thick leaves plant needs less frequency with plenty of water.
  2. Another method to check whether plants need water or not. For this purpose, observe your pla nt if it is wilting and the soil surface is dried then its time for water.
  3. If the outside temperature is enough high near about 40-45oC and dry hot air is in the surrounding, then give the water to your plants
  4. Do not give the water to the plants until observing enough symptoms like wilting, surface drying, and hot temperature.

Care in winter

In winter in the daytime plants should be placed in the partial shade or also can be placed where the plant can be exposed to direct sunlight. For watering, similar rules should be followed, but also keep in mind that do not prolong watering stress for the plant. For fertilizer, NPK fertilizer is available in the market with different with their ratios. But if you have all the plants which have their foliage beauty then simple Farmyard manure is very cheap but in the case of flowering plants, they need more water, sunlight, and fertilizer than foliage plants.   

Outdoor plants flowering too early

Outdoor plants flower too early due to profuse sunlight and higher temperature which makes the flowering plants earlier juvenile like in the case of different flowers. But on the other hand, these types of plants don’t prolong than green plants.

Different types of pots

Clay pots:

Clay pots are heavier and more attractive and porous. Clay pots need frequent watering. Need more care, breakable, and more expensive are very difficult to maintain.

Plastic pots:

Plastic pots are easy to handle, less expensive, and need less care for washing.


This is the transparent type of pots that are used in offices as a decorative piece as well. For this purpose, the smaller size of plants like aloe vera, cacti, and other succulent plants are used in transparent pots.

Important note

I will personally recommend that for your home, offices and for other indoor places use those plants which are of foliage beauty like palms. If you are personally engaging with your plants, they give you mental therapy benefits as well as also try labeling those plants and be the house plants expert.  

Air purifying plants

All the above-listed plants are easily available from the nurseries and air purifying plants and registered from NASA. These plants clean the environment from air pollution and give a healthier environment to the lungs.  


  • Purchase foliage beauty plants from nursery
  • Foliage beauty plants are prolonging in their life span.
  • Judge the plant symptoms for watering until they show the wilting and surface drying.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight in summer otherwise plant become pale and lose the original colour.
  • Those plant which has variegation (more than 1 colour) needs more water than a single colour.
  • Flowering plants need more water, sunlight and fertilizers.
  •  Farmyard manure is also cheap and preferable for foliage beauty plants.
  • Flowering plants are most of the time are outdoor plants need more and direct sunlight than foliage beauty.