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15 Gardening ideas for your kitchen gardening and home gardening

As the organic farming importance is gaining popularity, same as kitchen gardening or home gardening concept is gaining popularity. Home gardening is not only a hobby but also a source of healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables. In kitchen gardening, vegetables are grown more easily than fruit so it is also called vegetable gardening. In this article, I will discuss kitchen gardening as well as different gardening ideas. There are the following outlines of this topic,

  • Selection of site
  • Selection of vegetables
  • Vegetable gardening tips
  • Gardening ideas

Easy vegetables to grow

If you have 4-5 marlas of space in the house backyard then kitchen gardening will be easier. There is only main problem remains that the area is too small and our management strategies are not good at all.

After site selection, there is another crucial decision which is a selection of vegetables according to the seasons. Some vegetables can be grown in pots but some need a ground area to be productive. There are many ideas that can be generated for the establishment and management of vegetables like some vegetables that are climbing in nature can be settled with walls like cucurbits vegetables.

Home gardening tips

Well, before starting the topic it is necessary to give you awareness of selecting the potting media. There are different combinations are used but soilless media like peat moss is more recommended otherwise a mixture of sand, silt, and farmyard manure with equal proportion.

There are following gardening ideas,

Use wild roses or bush roses as a border in your lawn

Wild rose (Rosa Indica.) is a bushy nature flower. These bushy roses can be used along the borders in your lawn like other foliage beauty plants like Ficus spp. but busy roses are profitable due to their adaptable nature in subtropical nature. I have personally visited and noticed that little gardeners use wild roses in their border place which are not only giving flowering but also making the coverage of the border in home gardening.

Use cucurbits like melons near the wall

For vegetable gardening, using the best strategy to use the space is more important. Cucurbits are summer season vegetables and are climbing and supportive in nature. The climber’s type of cucurbits like melons can be grown along the narrow side with external sources for support or use the containers with walls where supportive sources make melons easy to grow.

Grow solanaceous crops in pots

Horticulturists classified different vegetables according to different factors like scientifically from the same family like solanaceous family is a group of vegetables that are botanically fruits in nature.

Eggplant, tomato, chilly are the main crops that are being grown commercially as well as in pots. It is suggested that two feet taller pot should be used. Tomato and chilly are short-season vegetables and can be grown easily in the summer season.

Convert your lawn into profitable vegetable garden

If you have a lawn outside the residential territory, maybe near the road, etc. then it is time to turn over this lawn into a vegetable garden or home garden. There are the following necessary preparation you can do,

  • Take the card boxes from the raw things collecting factories.
  • Spread all over the lawn.
  • Take the fallen leaves, try to take them from those sources where this all-raw material is free.
  • Spread these leaves which will work as a mulch.
  • Then wait until your grass dies completely and turns into green manure as well.
  • After that remove the card boxes.
  • Here is now, your lawn turns into fertile land, and then do your best in the home garden.

Grow fruits inside the container

18px">There is a new planting technique is arising and in next years it will be adopted by every farmer. That technique is called High-density plantation (HBD). In this technique, plant to plant distance remains less and plant height is maintained at 6-7 ft. So, there are few fruits that are grown under low height like mango, guava, citrus and now can be planted in 4-5 ft size pots as well as in containers inside your home garden.

Use ground for underground vegetables

There are some vegetables that need deeper underground space like carrot, radish, turnip, sweet potato, potato, garlic, onion, etc. At least pulverize the soil very well so that roots nourish easily.

Use table palm in your partial shade area

This is a frequently asked question that which house plant will prolong more. Foliage beauty plants are longer living and slower in their growth like a palm. Table palm is a common plant used inside the home which attracts more beauty. It needs less care than any other plant.

Use foliage beauty to decorate your lawn

As always, I prefer foliage beauty over flowers. If you ask why then you should know that most of the flowers are seasonal and die after the season whereas foliage is more in lifespan and also needs less care for them. You can use Ficus spp. as shrubs with palm plants at the corner with hedges. The palm plant looks beautiful at the center of the lawn as well.

Use variegated pineapple in pots

Pineapple is a long-growing season fruit that needs more time. There are few varieties used by the farmers that are commercially been practiced. There are some varieties that can be used aesthetically as well like variegated pineapple can be used in the pots.

Grow ginger in your pots

Ginger is a precious vegetable with higher demand in the market. Growing ginger in pots is a common practice as well. It is suggested that grow ginger in pots that need partial shade with more water but it takes a time of 9-12 months.

Grow mango plant in each corner of your house backyard

Mango can be planted in pots as well if its height is maintained. In your kitchen garden area where corner space is left, it can be grown but remember its height should be maintained.

Grow root crops in furrows

Roots vegetables are actually underground vegetables that can be grown not only on ridges as well as in furrows. Mostly, farmers are doing the same thing. The aim should be to use the optimum space for vegetable gardening.

Create the passage with rocks in the house garden

This idea is used mostly in lawns but here in kitchen gardening, it can be used as well.

Use the maximum space with beauty and gardening

Always, use the maximum space for kitchen gardening as well as for decorating and arranging the house plants. A combination of all these ideas can make use of an efficient way to fill the space. Anyway, you get the whole idea.

Use pots in display stand

In-home gardening, most gardeners are using this strategy by using an iron-made stand with 3-4 shelf space for aesthetic purposes.

This article would be beneficial for those who want to make a hobby in their home to spend their precious time with their beloved ones. Keep commenting regarding the topic which is kitchen gardening and home gardening overall and stay tuned!


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