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Just like ginger, planting pineapple needs more attention due to higher demand in Pakistan

When we explore our market where each horticultural commodity’s worth matters, especially in Pakistan. There are many fruits and vegetables are range price-wise low to medium but few are more expensive ten times folds like ginger and pineapple. I have discussed very precisely ginger, but here I would like to share my knowledge, study, and research about planting pineapple. Pineapple is imported from other countries in the form of raw pineapple fruit or canned pineapple. Due to higher demand and lower supply prices increases and even a single piece of pineapple fruit ranged between 500-700 rupees in Pakistan. In this article, I will discuss that how pineapple can be grown with all-important points so that you could be able to understand the importance of planting pineapple. There are the following outlines,

  • Climate for planting pineapple
  • Planting pineapple at home
  • Seed selection
  • Land preparation
  • Plant protection
  • Harvest and profit
  • Conclusions

Climate of pineapple

This is a frequently asked question by the people about planting pineapple and how it is possible to grow pineapple under various agro-climatic conditions. Well, pineapple (ananas comosus) is season-specific fruit and is more successful in coastal areas where more humidity exists in the environment. Just like a banana, pineapple needs a tropical environment and requires a long growing season with constant climate stability.

There are different varieties are being planted in different areas according to region wise. Variegated pineapple is grown for aesthetic purposes which are not capable of giving fruit under the Punjab climate in Pakistan. There is a green variety that is more successful and gives the fruiting after the long 12-14 month periods in Punjab climate.

Planting pineapple at home

Planting pineapple at home is very easy, but here I would like to mention that traditional or pineapple top (upper dried flower portion) is a very slowest method which takes 2-2.5 years. Therefore, it is suggested that select the suckers or slips which gives fruit in 12-14 month.

Note: suckers have roots and slips are without roots, it is suggested that in the case of slips first callusing needs to happen. Otherwise, root induction hormones that are available synthetically like gibberellic acid can be used for successful rooting.  

Commercial way of planting pineapple

There is a specific sequence which is used for planting pineapple which follows,

Seed selection

Seed selection or sucker selection is very important for planting pineapple. The suckers method is the fastest way to get pineapple fruit. Suckers are selected from the mother plant in between the leaves. It is very important to check the size and weight of suckers.

Land preparation for planting pineapple

Land should be fertile organically as well because pineapple needs plenty of fertilizer. Sandy loam soil is suitable for planting pineapple. Soil is plowed thoroughly and beds are prepared on which suckers are transferred with 1.5 ft plant to plant distance. 

How does a pineapple grow?

Pineapple is a long-growing fruit; it takes up to more than 100 flowers fusion and makes one multiple fruit. Commercially, in developed countries, flowering is induced by spraying ethylene which induced flowering rapidly.

Planting pineapple is a very hardworking and patient job. It needs more p lenty of water during the initial stages and flowering otherwise according to the requirement is needed. Pineapple fruit is a combination of multiple flowers. Therefore, it needs more fertilizer as per requirement.

It is suggested that apply well-rotten farmyard manure thoroughly before planting pineapple one month earlier so that it will be easy to decompose before the time and support the crop with chemical fertilizer.   

Do pineapple plants keep producing fruit?

The pineapple plant gives one fruit per year and vanishes but in between its leaves, it produces its sucker, and in the base of the fruit stalk produces the slips which are future plants. If suckers remain on the soil after their mother plant is cut out then it is called ratooning.

Commonly, suckers are removed from the mother plant and then transfer to the next crop, and ratooning is done rarely for planting pineapple.

Plant protection for planting pineapple

The pineapple plant needs not much care for pests and diseases due to its hardy nature against different diseases. The pineapple plant needs more humidity and a fair degree of temperature. So, fungal attacks may occur due to higher humidity and temperature.

Another challenge is that the pineapple plant needs more fertilizer so it shows the deficiencies of nutrients. So, it is suggested that apply the foliar spray of required nutrients as per conditions.

Worth of pineapple in market

As it is mentioned earlier in the introductory paragraph that pineapple is demanded highly in the market. Pineapple is harvested when its fruit shows a proper size with more yellow color development.

Pineapple fruit can be sold as raw in the market as well as in sliced and canned pineapple. It is a rough estimate that plants of pineapple range between 1000-1500 per acre and one plant bear one fruit which has worth 500-1000 rupees per fruit. From here, you can estimate that though it is a crop with a long duration its worth is more after harvest.

If you are in the area where your pineapple may not sell at a good price at your market then there is another option for pineapple growers that fruit can be sliced and present as canned pineapple which has more worth as well in the market.

How to prepare canned pineapple?

There is a very simple method that takes fruit and peels the outer epidermis and then makes slices and then removes the central hard seed portion for making canned pineapple. Also, remove the sharp spiny edges of slices. Then take a pan and half-fill with water and add brown sugar and mix it thoroughly.

Then put the slices into the pan and boil for 10-12 minutes with normal flame when it changes its color and becomes translucent then it is ready as canned pineapple. Then it can be packed in plastic or any other utensil.


  • Planting pineapple is a tough and long durational crop.
  • Pineapple is tropical nature fruit where more humidity exists with average day and night temperature.
  • Pineapple can be grown at home by planting pineapple top but it takes more than two years to fruit.
  • Commercially, suckers are preferred for early fruiting within 12-14 months.
  • The pineapple plant bears one fruit within a season.
  • There are many varieties but black tiger and red queen are more common in Pakistan.
  • Pineapple fruit needs more water and fertilizer because it bears multiple flowers and has more thick and spiny leaves as well.
  • Pineapple fruit can be sold in the market as raw as well as canned pineapple form.
  • Planting pineapple is hard but it is more worthy than all other fruits and vegetables.

I hope this article about planting pineapple, canned pineapple gives you helpful information. Keep commenting regarding the topic and stay tuned!