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Garlic farming in Pakistan is a highly profitable crop

Garlic is the winter season vegetable and very profit-earning crop in Pakistan. The most important thing is that garlic needs less cost of production and gives a high yield. There are different varieties that have high potential. NARC-G1 is the most prevailing and high yield variety developed by NARC Islamabad. In this article, I will discuss garlic farming. There are following outlines under which topic will be discussed,

  • Varieties
  • Land Preparation and seed rate
  • Fertilizer and irrigation
  • Plant protection
  • Harvesting
  • Garlic farming profit per acre

Variety with high yield

Although, all varieties have enough potential from which farmers can earn more profit. Most of the farmer is growing Desi Red variety which has 1200-1600 kg of production potential per acre. Similarly, different Chinese varieties have 3200-3600 kg of production potential. NARC-G1 has the highest yield potential ranging from 7200 kg to 10,000 kg in Pakistan. Farmers buy the seeds according to their financial status. Desi variety cost lower and Chinese varieties have greater than and similarly, high yield variety NARC-G1 cost is highest in Pakistan. It is suggested that due to higher rates in the market farmer should buy for small areas like Kanal and grow it once the next time when the yield will be higher then the same seed can be preserve and used for the next season crop. In this way, next time farmers can grow garlic in large areas.

Land preparation

Land should be prepared as recommended that according to the natural organic and minerals and nutrients containing farmyard manure. It is suggested that farmyard manure should be spread with 2:2:1 (Urea; DAP and potash) during land preparation. Soil should be well pulverizing and sandy loam soil is best for garlic. Its planting season is September and October. Its seed rate required per acre is 1600kg.

Fertilizer and irrigation

Once soil was fed with fertilizer earlier when it was at the preparing stage, then after that it is required urea which is applied when irrigation is applied. Irrigation sequence is that irrigation should be applied after two weeks or twice a month and urea is applied with each irrigation. Half a ba g of urea should be applied with each irrigation. This recommendation is for per acre area.

Plant protection

Garlic is very safer and less susceptible to the disease. Different experts said that there is no attack of any disease, but sometimes jassids can attack. To avoid this always spray an insecticide from a good company. Another problem that is faced by each crop and control is made by either a chemical or manual method.


Garlic harvesting is done after 4-5 months. It is depending upon the climate and temperature of the area. Almost after the end of February garlic is ready for harvesting. Before the harvesting, the field is irrigated and when the field gets semi-wet condition “Wattar” then bulbs are pulled from the soil.

Garlic farming profit per acre

Garlic yield is different for different varieties. For desired variety, its yield ranges from 2000 to 2400 kg per acre. For different Chinese varieties, 3200-3600kg and most wanted higher potential variety NARC-G1 yields up to 10,000kg.

Estimate for profit

For desi red variety,

If we assume the market price per kg = 200 Rs.


For 2000 kg = 2000 × 200 = 400,000 Rs.

For Chinese varieties,

If we assume the market price per kg = 250 Rs.


For 3200 kg = 3200 × 250 = 800,000


If we assume the market price = 300 Rs.


For 7200 kg = 7200 × 300 = 21 Lakh

Note: it is very important to know that these are the theoretical calculations, but this idea will give you the estimate that garlic is the crop with higher potentials for earning.


  • Garlic is the most profitable crop.
  • You can choose on your own, which variety will be best but NARC-G1 is most recommended.
  • Garlic crop is less susceptible to diseases and insects.
  • Garlic is harvested after 4-5 months.
  • Garlic is harvested under the semi-wet condition of the soil.