5 Different Types of Gardens Which Are Rare Worldwide

When making the land design, florists take these two main categories under consideration: Landscape Architecture and Garden Landscaping. There are other techniques that originate with or without the combination of these two main categories. These include; Spring lawn care, Evergreen lawn care, Pro landscape home, Rain garden design, Total lawn care, Hillside landscaping, Xeriscape landscape, Luxury landscaping, Spencer lawn care, Clean-cut lawn care, Gaspers landscaping, Terrace landscaping, and many more.

In this article, I will discuss “Different types of Gardens”, including the ones I mentioned above, in detail. Keep reading to know more about it!

 Different types of gardens

Correlation of Garden Landscaping and Landscape Architecture

Garden landscaping is a general term that represents the simple land design anywhere in a larger or smaller area.

Whereas, Landscape architecture is a branch of landscape horticulture where human-made structure integration is done in natural surroundings like rock gardening, water/pool gardening, etc.

These man-made integrations are additional decorative pieces inside the garden landscaping to enhance the beauty of the land.

The Lawn is the First and Foremost Segment of Garden Landscaping

It is also known as turfing means to say that making and maintenance of grass scientifically named Cynodon dactylon which is common grass with different local names but generally it is named as Bermuda grass. If you want to know how to create a barren land into a beautiful lawn then you can find it here. Spring lawn care, evergreen lawn care, total lawn care these all categories that come under the maintenance of turfgrass discriminates their specific situation like seasonal, whole year maintenance comes under the spring lawn care, and evergreen lawn care respectively.

Four-season lawn care is necessary for the maintenance of green spring lawn care. Maintenance is made up by controlling the weeds, application of fertilizers at the end of the season. Another term used for maintenance is “lawn mowing repair”. Lawn mowing repair is the technique in which a mower is used to cut down grasses with 10-12 mm of its cutting blades that in such a way that cut grass should not fall down into the lawn. If you want to get inside how to take great care of your lawns in deeper detail then click here.

Different types of garden landscaping 

So, before moving the types of landscaping, it is necessary to give you an idea of what are those elements which are used to create the garden landscaping. Color, where red, orange, and yellow are warm colors whereas white, green, and blue colors, are known as cool colors. The texture is the 2nd element where different types of plants are used with their different textures. Form, habit, and lines are the third, fourth, and fifth elements respectively. 

Hillside landscaping

Hillside landscaping is a type of garden landscaping where different garden design elements are used individually or in combination to create a land design. Hillsides are not straight but steep places. In this type of garden landscaping, rock gardening (type of landscape architecture) is more useful to create borders to use the water efficiently. Pathways are also built up using the rocks to enhance the beauty.

Point to ponder: In steeply and sloppy places water reservation is not so easy so there is a well-known technique “Sodding”  is used where more profuse grass growth is allowed around in plants to reserve more water.

Luxury landscaping

Luxury landscaping is nothing but only a term to create a flexible land design in garden landscaping.

Xeriscape landscape

Xeriscape landscape is a type of garden landscaping in which judicious usage of types of plants and techniques (combination of garden design elements) are used in such a way that less need of water is used. Likewise, abundant use of rock gardening with water-hardy plants.

Terrace landscaping

Terrace landscaping is the type of garden landscaping in front of buildings to make the entrance of the house more beautiful and this is also called residential landscape. Mostly, this is the place where sunlight comes directly and it seems you should select the outdoor plants and if you want to know how to select the plants for indoor and outdoor categories then click here.  

Rain garden design

Rain garden design is a type of garden landscaping in which land design is used to build in such a way that water could be saved into the pre-made reservoir. The reservoir is made up of multiple layers of sands and then with coarse particles (clay). In this type of garden landscaping, those plants are used which are water-loving and used to live in the water just like water lilies.   

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