Top 10 interesting facts about taj mahal landscaping that will increase your amusement

Taj Mahal is located in Agra, a city of Uttar Pradesh. Taj Mahal is also called Mumtaz mahal. Taj Mahal is a beauty of the combination of all Mughal gardens with beautiful landscaping patterns. Now, I have decided to write something about plants that were actually built based on specific features. In this article, I will discuss the top few taj mahal facts in gardening aspects which are the following,

Entrance of Taj Mahal  

Taj Mahal is located near the small river, called Yumna from the backward area of taj mahal. It is the specialty of Mughals that like other places like palaces, forts and tombs are built in a square system of the wall surrounding with a small fountain area in the center of the territory.

Taj mahal is also built with the same strategy, the area of the taj mahal is a little higher and bigger than other places and it is a combination of rocks and landscaping. The entrance of the taj mahal is bigger with a single gate which indicates and differs from the outside.

Different colors hues of Taj Mahal

The specific feature of taj mahal or mausoleum is that its building color seems different with different day times and under the moonlight. It creates a pinkish hue (reflection) early in the morning. White color hue in the evening whereas golden color under the full moonlight. 

Water canal and water pool of Taj Mahal

Whenever someone enters the taj mahal from the entrance, there is a long pathway along with a water canal. The water canal along the pathway is a beautiful feature of taj mahal architecture where it reflects the shadow of the sky with mausoleum or taj mahal building. As we get closer to the mausoleum in the center there is a small square water pool junction.

Variety of trees for landscaping of Taj Mahal

Along the water canal and on the other side small plots different types of trees are present. This is an amazing job and wonderful for a landscaping person that along the pathway small trees are decorated which increase the beauty along the pathway whereas different shady trees are selected in the corners of small plots so that people may find the shady place for their private party.

Subplots or lawns along the pathway areas

Small plots along with pathways make an additional beauty as green vegetation. There are two layers of small plots on both sides of the water canal. The one layer of four plots is separated with corner bushes like ficus spp. and the other second layer is separated with shady trees as a corner or margin area.

Vegetation between the water canal and pathway

Small 7-8 ft small trees between the water canal and main pathway are actually a plant called Mor Pankh. These small trees with specific distances make the green beauty a dominant part of the reflection of the water canal.

Shady trees in corner plots or lawns

The second layer of the small plot where shady trees are present is the extra area for the rest purpose for the people. There is a variety of trees that are actually only for foliage beauty are major in this part with smaller numbers of fruit-bearing tree-like mango.

Foliage beauty is dominant in Taj Mahal landscaping

Landscaping is actually done based on the purpose or demand or area. If you are allocated with the place for a short period of time then the color interpretation is a necessary part but on the other hand when your target is long-term based then foliage beauty should be the dominant part as it can be seen in the Taj Mahal case.

Small pathways in between the small plots

The connection between the small plots with small pathways beautifies the whole small plot area. The whole green area looks more beautiful when we view it as a birds-eye or drone view.

Seasonal flowers in small plots or lawns

The first layer of small plots is built with a more proper strategy where no shady tree is present but its corner is beautified with shrubby flowers like wild roses and small seasonal flowers like marigold or golden marigold, euphorbia, etc.

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