Progressive farmers are making more money with strawberry farming in Pakistan

Strawberry fruits seem very delicious whenever we visit the market but they are not many sweets as we think. Strawberry fruit color is the first important factor imparting in the consumer’s eyes before purchasing. The second most important characteristic factor is strawberry fruit taste. Well, from a farming point of view strawberry farming is limited in Pakistan. Only, northern areas are more specific and their yield and profit are risky. In this article, I will discuss strawberry farming with all the necessary points.

Strawberry plantation at home

Strawberry farming is easy at home. You just need to buy strawberry fruits and then peel them off with the help of a knife. Strawberry seeds can be seen outside on the strawberry fruit peel. After peeling the strawberry fruit put these pieces in the sunlight. When it gets dried then strawberry seeds can be isolated. But there is another approach that is adopted which is very easy. For that purpose, pieces of peels are planted into the clay pots and slightly covered with soil layers. Seeds inside the peel will germinate after two weeks.

Nursery plant selection

There are two types of strawberry fruit varieties that are used commonly in Pakistan which are Deer and Swat varieties. Many farmers used to grow Deer varieties. These varieties can be purchased from the areas of deer and swat with the help of the middle man.

Note; small sapling for strawberries called runners. There is a range of planting densities for the plantation of strawberries which varies from 50 thousand to 70 thousand plants per acre. In the starting season, strawberry plant prices would be higher. So, the decision should be wise.

Land preparation for strawberry farming

As I mentioned in each article, that organic soil enrichment is very important. For that purpose, apply the well-rotten farmyard manure in the field one month earlier so that it could decompose before the actual plantation.

There is a little difference in the preparation of soil for strawberry farming that land is plowed thoroughly and laid for rest for 8-10 days and then again pulverize with the help of a rotavator and then beds are prepared with the help of single line ridger.

Note: beds should be wider in size so that two to three lines should be used per bed. It is depended upon the farmer according to planting density. Plant to plant distance is used 4-5 inches.

Plant protection

Strawberry fruits are no doubt very delicate with smaller numbers of days shelf life. During production, its care is very important and a number of sprays are needed to be done. It is suggested that before strawberry plantation you should visit someone who could be a progressive farmer with proper experience in strawberry farming. So, that you could be alert before specific diseases and pest attacks.

There are higher chances of fungal diseases in the strawberry field in the case of the early plantation before October. Sometimes, plants that are planted to grow may not be successful due to higher temperatures in the surrounding.

Note: it is very important that grow your strawberry plants after one week of October so that new strawberry plants could be succeeded to grow. It is suggested that apply the different recommended chemical sprays should be applied after first irrigation for fungal diseases and insects.

There is another problem that should be controlled before the time that is the weeds problem. For this purpose, now farmers are using black sheets over the prepared beds.

Fertilizer and irrigation requirement

As is mentioned in the above section the natural potential of soil should be maintained for the organic reach of nutrients. For this purpose, apply the well-rotten farmyard manure and poultry manure in the field before one month of actual plantation of strawberry plants.

Chemically made fertilizers incorporation should be according to the recommendation. Strawberry fruit size and color make the perfect match with consumers’ eyes. Therefore, the application of phosphorus and potassium should be higher than nitrogen.

Irrigation requirements is depended upon different factors like soil type, weather condition, and watter condition. Irrigation is applied according to the one main thumb rule which is when strawberry plants need it.


Strawberry plant gives fruiting after three months. If you’re subjected to transferring your strawberry fruits to a distant market then strawberry fruits should be harvested when strawberry fruits are fully mature with little green areas. It is suggested that strawberry fruits should be harvested early in the morning. Strawberry fruit should be harvested at ripen stage when your destination is near the market.

Note: strawberry fruits are very delicate and perishable so packing should be proper so that strawberry fruit damage should be controlled. For this purpose, cardboard boxes are good to use as packaging material with a little bit of perforation.

Yield and profit

Yield is dependent upon the farmer’s hardworking. Almost fifty thousand plants per acre normally. If one plant gives 5 to 10 kg then its yield will be between 2.5 to 5 lakh per acre.

Note: no one can’t say strongly that strawberry plants will give the exact yield with profit proportionally. But there are many ways to manipulate for deriving extra profit like selling fresh strawberry fruits by making stalls near the public places will increase the profit revenue and this is recommended if possible.

Another way to deal with different juice-making companies and then sell them strawberry fruits on a contract basis. Selling in the local market will make little profit revenue but if you get approach early-season accessibility in the local market.


  • Strawberry farming is profitable business for progressive farmers.
  • Small sapling or strawberry runners are little bit expensive per plant for early in season.
  • Strawberry farming should be done in October.
  • Fertilizer and irrigation plan should be a just preliminary matter.
  • Strawberry plants need more potassium and plant growth regulator for unique size of strawberry fruit.
  • Strawberry plant gives fruiting after three months.
  • Strawberry fruit selling will be increased if it is sold out fresh by making stalls.
  • There is no final word for profit earning proportionally but if you want to understand where progressive farmers making more money then read the above section of conclusion.

I hope this article helps you a lot regarding strawberry farming. Keep commenting regarding the topic and stay tuned!