Lemon production in Pakistan Complete Information

Lemon is a very demanding fruit and commercially it is very important due to higher prices in the market. Lemon farming is very common and successful in the whole area of Pakistan. New varieties of seedless lemons have a huge production scope and could be a successful business as a nursery as well as its orchard establishment. In this article, I will discuss high-density lemon farming. There are the following outlines under which an article will be disused,

  • What kind of variety should we choose?
  • Types of plants in the nursery
  • Land preparation and plantation pattern
  • Fertilizer and irrigation
  • Plant protection
  • Production and profit
  • Feasibility report
  • Conclusion of article
lemon production in pakistan

Which variety should we choose for lemon farming?

Initially, desi lemon (it is also pronounced as desi lime because lemon and lime both are genetically close in citrus fruits) was very common but due to specific disease plant dieback in which the plant is completely dried and died at the end, it was banned in the whole country.

Then after the desi variety, Chinese lemon (pronounced as Chinese baramasi locally) was introduced it gives the average production, but with the passage of time seedless varieties (Mexican, Malaysian and Californian) are introduced and very successful, and huge production can be expected from these varieties.

Important note: There are three kinds of plants available in the nursery named grafted, developed by cuttings, and air layering plants. Grafted plants are considered lower quality plants and give full commercial production within 3 years and their price is lower.

In this case cutting plants are better in quality than grafted plants and give the product within 2 years approximately, whereas air layering plants are high-quality plants that give production within half a year, and their prices and higher than grafted and cutting plants in the nursery.

It is suggested that growers should choose those healthy and vigorous air layering plants of seedless varieties. It is also important to survey by contacting other experienced growers which one of the seedless varieties is more successful in your region.

Land preparation and plantation

Well, it is a formal subject of matter, lemon or lime are more successful in tropical and subtropical areas with loamy and sandy loam soil. Soil should be level and well pulverized with 2-3 plowing.

It is suggested that well-rotten farmyard manure should use before plantation and rotavate the field. It is up to you whether keeps the field flat or make the ridges, plant to plant, and line-to-line distance should be kept 10 x10 or 12 x 12 ft, by this cropping pattern 300 to 400 plants per acre could be grown as a high-density plantation technique.

Fertilizer and irrigation

It is suggested that fertilizer and irrigation schedules should be discussed with other experienced growers. Mostly, different growers recommend the farmyard manure in the early of the plantation. It will be very useful if farmyard manure is well decomposed until plants establish their roots within the soil.

Chemical fertilizers also used with recommendations from agricultural experts but different experts are suggested Nitrophos with plenty of amounts for lemon plants. For irrigation, its schedule is different throughout the whole season. It is suggested that from September to February irrigation should be delayed for attaining more fruit at the end.

Plant protection

Lemon seedless varieties are less susceptible to any disease it is a very rare chance to attack any disease. In case of any disease, it is necessary to contact agricultural experts for recommendations.

Lemon yield per acre in Pakistan

Seedless varieties give a production usually between 50 to 60 kg per fruit, if there are 300 plants per acre then production per acre will be 15000 to 18000 kg. But if the grower skips the winter crop and readies the crop for the summer season then production can be expected to double above mention estimate.

Its main market is in Lahore and Peshawar cities. If growers wanted to make sales of winter crops then different processing and soap-making companies are best to sell the product. In the market, it is sold in the form of 7-8 kg packing, for each packing, its price is between 250 to 300 rupees.

Feasibility report  

If production per acre is = 16000 kg

1 packing = 8 kg

Total no. of packing = 16000/8 = 2000 packing

If the market price is 270 approx. then,

1 packing price = 270 Rs.

For 2000 packing = 270 x 2000 = 540,000 rupees

If expenditure (including all) is almost 2 lakhs of two years then,

Profit = 540,000 – 200,000 = 340, 000 rupees

Note: Profit is dependent upon the market price and the market price fluctuates and this estimate is for your idea. Your profit may float around near about this estimate, so keep in mind that actual fruit production is started after 3 years of hardworking.


  • Choose the healthier and seedless variety for your smoother success.
  • There are Californian, Malaysian, and Mexican seedless varieties available in the nursery.
  • Before choosing one of them, you should consult with an experienced grower in your region.
  • Air layering plants are more successful with higher prices in the nursery and grafted plants are subjected to inferior quality at low prices.
  • Lemon is successful across the country and loamy or sandy loam soil is suitable.
  • Lemon production in Pakistan is now cultivated successfully on high-density plantations just like guava and mango.
  • In high-density plantation techniques, 300 to 400 plants can be grown.
  • Well, rotten farmyard manure should completely decompose before plantation, and Nitrophos is recommended also.
  • Irrigation schedule supervision is very necessary.
  • Irrigation should be delayed from September to February.
  • If the fruit is skipped for the winter season and continues for the summer season then lemon production will double.
  • Lemon plant price in Pakistan is according to the nursery, for grafted plants its price is 60 rupees, for cuttings its price is 80 rupees, and air layering plants are up to 100 rupees.
  • Three to four lakhs of profit can be earned from the lemon.
  • The main markets for lemons are Lahore and Peshawar.
  • Commercially fruit is attained after three years, wherefrom your regular income can be started.

I hope this article helps you a lot, feel free to express your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned!