Broccoli growing techniques are well-preferred by the home gardeners

Broccoli growing is used mostly by the home gardeners. Broccoli growing is easy and reliable for the home gardening area. Broccoli growing is easy than other members of Cole crops. There are different techniques that can be used which are easily approachable. Broccoli can be obtained by making a simple and smart effort. In this article, I will discuss broccoli growing techniques.

How long does it take to grow broccoli?

Broccoli growing at home is a common across the European countries people use it in different vegetable dishes as well as salad purpose. Broccoli plant needs almost 3-4 month for complete growth.

Is Broccoli easy to grow?

Of course, broccoli growing is easy than other members. But it doesn’t mean that it relies only on water and stuff like that. It requires rich soil but on the other hand application of already prepared potting media is useful. It requires full sunlight to make a complete head.

What month do you plant broccoli?

It is preferred that broccoli growing is good as a spring season crop.

How much broccoli do you get from one plant?

There is only one profuse head of broccoli is obtained from the plant.

broccoli companion plants

There are many classifications that are done based on different factors like growing techniques, by using the plant part, by scientific classifications. According to scientific classification as well as by growing techniques, broccoli is a member of the family called Brassicaceae and Cole crop where it has several other members like cauliflowers, cabbage, etc.

Note: as these members are in similar groups and also, they have similar needs and requirements of cultural operations.   

 Growing broccoli from seed  

 Broccoli seeds can be purchased from the market but also can be prepared from broccoli growing heads. Broccoli growing is done by the seeds normally and it is more preferred.

For this purpose, seeds are allowed to grow in seedling trays. This is the most recommended way. Potting media or germination media must be good as a combination of peat, moss, coconut, etc. In another way, potting media can be obtained from the nurseries. So, trays are filled with germination media, and seeds are sown with their depth and pushed down gently and covered with another layer, and watered.

It is suggested that apply the water in that water media should remain wet and within a week seed will germinate and take care of these tiny plants until seedlings been able to transfer.

Growing broccoli in pots

Broccoli plants need enough space to spread their roots while smaller plastic pots are not suitable but on the other hand, it can be used for growing seedlings.

Growing broccoli in containers  

Growing broccoli in containers is useful when small seedlings are ready to transplant. The container creates a beautiful structure in home gardening as well as there is enough space to grow the plants.

Growing broccoli in summer

Broccoli growing season is actually a cool season it needs a cooler environment. There are two times that happens in a year especially for broccoli growing in a subtropical environment growing broccoli in summer. One is fall season when winter is coming and summer is gone but it should be before frost danger. The second season is actually summer season when frost danger gone.

Note: it is suggested that for broccoli growing, do broccoli planting three months before frosting month as a fall crop whereas after 40-45 days after frosty month as a summer or spring crop.   

Fertilizer and water quantity

Broccoli needs sufficient attention for food and water. It is suggested that if you are using the combination of soilless media components like peat, moss, coconut coir, seaweeds, etc. then this combination will be good. The broccoli plant started a tiny head from the middle of its leaves when plant life is about 1-1.5 months.

Water scheduling

The plant wants water and it should be given when it is needed. How we can understand that it depends on your observation. Water is given to the plant when its leaves lose turgidity whereas there is another method that is more important than the first one which irrigation based on soil conditions.

Note: it is suggested that soil should remain wet but there should be no standing water. If you are using pitcher pots or clay pots it should be porous from the bottom so that excessive drainage could be possible.

Harvesting broccoli

After three months when the head gets enough size and be ready to harvest broccoli head before it turns into yellow color which is the sign of converting your broccoli head into seeds.

Note: each plant gives one head just like other Cole crop members. If you are willing for seeds then don’t harvest until the complete head becomes yellow. These tiny pods can be used as seeds.

On the other hand, when plants start flowering and after pollination when yellow flowers start felling off and leaving the small green pods which will turn into pods filled with black seeds.


  • Broccoli growing is common in developed countries where it is used in the vegetable corner as well as for making salads also into non-vegetarian food.
  • Broccoli growing is very cheaper and needs little attention for it for growing it at home.
  • There are two seasons that should be frost-free are confirmed by the gardener.
  • Fall season crop should be grown three months before whereas spring or summer crop should be grown after 1-1.5 months of frost danger.
  • Spring season crop is more preferred by growers.
  • Broccoli growing is done by preparing seedling in germination trays for about three weeks when it is able to transplant.
  • There is a commonly understood thumb rule that when seedlings get about 9’ height it is suitable to transplant.
  • Broccoli seedlings are transplanted into large clay pots, into containers as well as on bare suitable land (with 24cm plant to plant distance).
  • If pre-made potting used for pots is useful as a fertilizer otherwise 1:1:1 ratio of sand, silt, and rotten farmyard manure mixture is also cheaper way.
  • Water scheduling is done based on soil conditions.
  • Broccoli head is able to harvest after 3.5 months.

I hope this article was helpful regarding broccoli growing techniques at home.