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Growing ginger indoors, dry ginger benefits and side effects

Ginger is botanically is an underground rhizome. In Pakistan, major ginger is imported and hence its price in the market remains high throughout the year. Pakistan has the opportunities to grow ginger but it needs specific conditions. It is necessary for the government to support the agricultural departments to make it as an incentive. Growing ginger indoor is practiced because of the lower budget and can be included in kitchen gardening. There are the following things to do for growing ginger indoors.

There are the following outlines,

  • Complete recipe plan of growing dry ginger indoors
  • Dry ginger benefits
  • Dry ginger side effects

A full recipe for growing ginger indoors

You need a perforated or porous container or a simple wide plant pot for growing ginger indoors. So that it could be easier to leach down the extra moisture from the container. There is a need for a constant amount of moisture (remember I said moisture, not water) and a fair amount of light is required for growing ginger. The second thing is a soilless media culture should be used for growing ginger indoors. If you are not at ease with soilless media mixture (a combination of compost, coconut coir, peat, moss, etc.) then prepare the soil with sand, silt, and well-rotten farmyard manure with 1:1:1 proportion. Mix that mixture properly and add it into the pot or container for growing ginger. The third thing is seed or ginger roots are required, purchase it from the market and soak in water for 8-10 hours or overnight. The next morning, cut the roots in that manner that 1-2 eye buds should be in each part and then sow under the soil and cover with soil and give the water immediately.

Note: apply the water so that the soil could be wet thoroughly and do not give water stress. The ginger crop need s 3-4 hours of light per day but it should not expose direct sunlight. Ginger is a long durational crop of 8-9 months. Growing ginger indoors in containers is the best strategy and can be used in the kitchen gardening list.

Dry ginger

If you are wondering about the dry ginger-making process, then you are in the right place. Dry ginger has very important medicinal importance. For making dry ginger you need a few pieces of root. Take a knife and remove the peel of ginger very carefully and cut the ginger just like potato chips. After that mix a salt of 4-5 teaspoons and mix it thoroughly. After that allow it to sun-dried for 2-3 days and then store it under.

Dry ginger side effects

There are many important positive medicinal reviews but on the other hand, if it is consumed in excessive amount there are following things in few persons as an exceptional case,

  • It lowers the blood pressure in blood pressure suffering patients, because it lowers the blood pressure too much.
  • It may cause the diarrhea in case of higher amount of consumption.
  • Incase of excessive consumption, miscarriage and other complicated things may happen in the pregnant women.
  • Excessive amount of dry ginger consumption may lead to lowers the blood clotting just like the diabetic patients.
  • Excessive amount consumption may lead to the gas and bloating.   

I hope this little information InTouch you with ginger, growing ginger indoors, and dry ginger side effects.