Recent trends in Horticulture in 2020

or What are horticulture industry trends during this COVID-19?

Horticulture is a field of art and science; a successful horticulturist is defined by adequate knowledge with technical support. Knowledge should be updated and influential changes with time make it better for those who want to know. Here in this article, I will discuss that how people around the clock in the world are creating their ideas with their sophisticated way to change the trends and terminologies with advancement, the outlines will help you to understand an article.

  • Landscape ideas by different peoples
  • Future forecasting up to 2050
  • The most technologies used by Israel
  • Awesome and advance technologies used by Netherland
  • How future of Horticulture in Pakistan can be established?
  • How to be successful computer-based technologies can be in Pakistan?
  • Conclusions of overall article

Landscape ideas from different people

People in foreign countries are willing to spend their spare time in gardening and houseplants with more newly upcoming ideas on landscaping and putting the house plants in their houses, apartments and flats are more generous and create a mental therapy environment and these new ideas make happier when you observe and here are few things which are people doing in their crazy way with their innovative ideas in horticulture,

Parenting plant

Planting more plants which work as a pollinator

Planting those which need fewer waters

Planting a succulent type of plants

Using the pedestal areas for more creativity

Future forecasting up to 2050

There are some prediction with their trending and emerging new ideas which are not only the new ideas but also give the direction to rebuild your plant surroundings, here are few predictions

  1. In the upcoming years, people are transferring, and preferring themselves to the urban areas with more advanced technology will be required to connect the plants to their automated system and this prediction is up to 2050.
  2. We need to recycle more products which can not only the way of income but also used again and again over time to rebuild the stuff.
  3. One of the amazing predictions is that while we need to understand the frogs and toads which are good natural insect predators and near about to extinct.
  4. Importance of fungus which helps to clean out the dirty soil pollution and break down of organic matters to meet the soil requirements.

The most advance technologies used by Israel

Modern technology used in horticulture in Israel? In the field of agriculture and horticulture especially, Israel is adopting modern concepts of the horticultural industry and world’s most effective and advanced technologies which are futuristic and, and you would love to know these are followings,

  1. Drip irrigation
  2. Water recycling
  3. Use of intelligence like the use of drone cameras to make an overview of your crops and predict the data with more accuracy.
  4. Biopesticide
  5. Biofertilizer
  6. The robotic system from harvesting to the storage venues.

Awesome and advance technologies used by Netherland

Emerging technologies in horticulture

Sweeper robot

It’s a robotic arm type of machine which detects the ripened sweet peeper with the help of 3d image and collects and harvest with fruit ripeness based on the mobile unit.

Scout robotic system

It’s a whole network system which is used to detect pest, insect, measure nutrients deficiencies of plant it also measures fruits color and size to predict the yield

Pheno Bot

Used to measure the number of fruits per plant as well as the quantity and weight of harvested fruit

Trimmer bot

Bot used to trim the bushes to their desired shape

Potato seed disease detection

It’s a wide kind of machine by taking the images from the upper side of plants’ disease that can be detected even if it is not emerging out from the seed and when cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Pick and pack

Automated packing system which packs the fruit by reducing the time and waste of fruit and packaging material.

Automatic pest count in sticky traps

A system that detects the pest and beneficial insect and counts the numbers of pests in sticky traps.

How future of Horticulture in Pakistan can be established?

Future of Pakistan is an optimist thought and we can make a hope to make it better by under highlighting these following problems,

  1. Require more expertise in this field
  2. Storage and shipping facilities
  3. Lack of trained horticulturists
  4. Lack of marketing system
  5. The high percentage of postharvest losses
  6. Irrigation facilities are not adequate

These are the commons problems but expert recommendation are following to resolve the above-mentioned issues,

  1. Expansion of nurseries
  2. Infrastructure and development
  3. Cold storage facilities
  4. Packaging and other associated facilities
  5. Seed policies to access hybrid seeds of horticultural crops
  6.  Setting up of regional information network

Why we need a more updated type of system in the field of horticulture?

The world trend is changing with time and if we are not adopting the new advanced technologies then our race with other countries will be lower our competition dropdown and the new modern era need this and generations will be more successful. In Pakistan work is being done on the behalf of manual type like by using labours but there is also need to attach our field with computer-based technology and Pakistan lacking the people who may help in doing the research for agriculture field with more advance technology to compete with the international market to fulfil the criteria.

The government should include in the budget for more advance technologies in the field of agriculture and Pakistani farmers should be trained and convince with their ease and reputation to become adaptive for upcoming technologies because other developed countries are using advance deep and artificial intelligence-based technologies and there is a school of thought is needed to pay attention. 


  • Laziness in our people leads to knowledge starvation and less experienced in the field of horticulture.
  • Less practice and more theoretical knowledge made more worse in less learning to graduates from universities and institutions.
  • People are spending their spare time with gardens and greenery which is mental therapy for psychotic patients.
  • We need to take more care about our surroundings with tiny little things just like recycling the stuff, promote more natural insect and pest predators like frogs and toads, allow to grow fungus which is helpful for removing the soil pollution.
  • Developed countries are adopting a more automated type of computer-based system just like Israel and the Netherland in the field of agriculture.
  • In the field of horticulture in Pakistan a lot of common problems should resolve just like storage, shipping, marketing system, the requirement of expensive inputs.
  • The government of Pakistan should pay attention to the development in the field of agriculture with more budget space.       

I hope you like my effort and will be able to find something reasonable content. Stay tuned!!

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